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The controls don't seem to work. I sometimes can pick up stuff, and sometimes, I can't. And I'm not fond of having an enemy that always knows where you are.

terrible game the controls are funky and not very responsive and some of the hitboxes of the map completely ruin the ability to avoid the killer and picking up items is terrible since you have to be at just the right angle to pick them up i noticed some door in the basement and i have no idea if you can open it or if u can in a future update and thats really the only good part of the game the ending is mediocore and not worth it 2/10 clear rip off of the popular MMORPG Granny.


Hey, I played your game in an indie romp. I hope you enjoy the video!


Pretty cool game. I played v1.1 will have to try 1.2 and see how it's changed.


Hey ! Thanks for playing. I'M glad you liked it and yeah sorry for the bug that won't let you pick things up.... To be honest I'm still trying to figure out how to fix it lol.... Sorry again :P

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Ok, The only thing I'd like to say is that it needs to be longer. This game had my heart racing at first, but I then had to get used to the house, because when I died the items that needed to be picked up where spawning elsewhere (which is good). I actually enjoyed this game! Good work! (Some jump scares would had been cool too!)

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I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for your advice :) I just updated the game. Now it (V1.2) has a bigger house + some more things to take care of :)

awesome! I'm definitely playing it tonight!


Good game good atmosphere but the pickup mechanic needs a little bit of work!Keep up the good work!:)

Thanks :) Glad you liked it...

And yes I agree the pick up thing is really annoying.  I'm trying to figure it out right now :) Thanks again.


The game was a lot of fun!!1

Thanks :) Glad you liked it :)


This is an interesting game! it would be even cooler if you added different levels and maybe some more devil creatures! felt the game was little short. but other than that! it was fun!

Thanks for your feedback :)

I agree it's a bit short...  I made the house map bigger with the latest update but it still needs many more stuff... Thanks again :)


no problem! let me know when you update it so more and ill take anthor wack at it!

Sure... Thanks :)

Hey.. Just uploaded V1.2 thought you might wanna take a look at it :)

sweet! ill take another look!


Gave it a go...

Lol... Loved it :) Thanks for making a video :)


Cool game. Reminds me of the grandma game. One major thing i always recommend is more furniture. There's nothing worse then massive empty rooms. 

Thanks for making a video :)..... and thanks for your advice :) .. I just updated the game with some major changes including your recommendations :)

(+1) i hope u enjoy my gameplay

Thanks for making the video :) ... I really enjoyed it... :)


Worst Hostess Ever....

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THANKS :) Awesome video too....


Thanks for making this game bro... :))) I made a Video of your game :)

Thanks for making this VIDEO bro !! Loved it :)


Don't forget that Subscribe button Bro :)